You say you want a revolution The March For Our Lives and the Aftermath

On March 24th, 2018 the world watched a small group of teenagers hijack the narrative of a debate we thought was lost to the failure of previous generations. These young men and women were not afraid of the titans in Washington DC. They didn’t care about the supposed power of the NRA, the servitude of the Republican party or the stalwart positions of politicians past.

They just didn’t care.

They were tired of watching their friends die. They were tired of being afraid. They were tired of practicing active shooter drills that none of us ever had to deal with.

Now is our time to listen. We have had a million times to act and we have failed at every opportunity to do something. We failed, they have had enough. It is now our time to sit down and shut up.

It is now time for them to take the lead.



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